Murray Grey Beef Cattle

In 2017 we added a few Murray Grey heifers to our new farm, 10 years after Valerie and her family dispersed their Nationally competitive herd of Murray Greys in 2007. These ladies are descendants of our original foundation cow, RSA Ms. Lotus Lady--Dam to the 2006 Grand Champion & National Show Supreme Champion bull, JVN Vernon.  It is such an honor to be given the chance to get these genetics back to Fluvanna County. Our beef herd will remain small, as we are a Grass-Fed operation and will only keep what our land can sustain through rotational grazing practices.

Commercial Meat Goats

We originally started our farm as an American Dairy Goat Association registered herd of LaManchas & Nigerian Dwarfs, participating in ADGA performance programs including DHIR milk testing & Linear Appraisal. In 2019, after 8 years of breeding & raising dairy goats, we dispersed our dairy goat herd and added a few Boer meat goats, and Boer x Nubian crosses to start our commercial meat goat herd. This year we added a black dappled Boer x Kiko buck and a few more Boer does from well known herds around Virginia & West Virginia to help us grow our herd. 


Valerie maintains her DHIR dairy tester certification through Dairy One and continues to provide dairy testing services to local herds and dairies who are currently enrolled in DHIA testing.