Farm Kangal LGD Grass Fed Beef


About Us

We are a small, family owned and operated farm located on the Louisa/Fluvanna county line in beautiful Kents Store, Virginia. We first started homesteading in 2009 as a way to be more self sufficient and to provide cleaner, healthier food for ourselves, our friends, and our family. As our friends & family began sharing our products with others, the demand snowballed and we have been slowly but surely working towards meeting the ever-growing demand for our locally grown, delicious products ever since.
In 2016 we found a beautiful piece of land on the Fluvanna/Louisa county line, built our house, and couldn't wait to expand our operation. Since then we have added Murray Grey beef cattle, pastured poultry, (two babies!), and we've switched our focus from dairy to meat goats. 
We will have pasture raised beef & goat available for purchase Summer 2021.
We strive to produce healthy, strong, productive animals that are conformationally correct, parasite resistant, and disease-free. These same qualities in turn produce a lovely meat product when the time comes for harvest, and you can be sure that the meat you purchase from us is from an animal that was loved, cared-for, and given the best life possible from start to finish. 
We never, ever use steroids, artificial growth hormones or unnecessary antibiotics on any of our animals.